Girl Scout Summer Programs (2nd-8th Grade Girls enrolled in Girl Scouts)

Girl Scout Summer Programs (2nd-8th Grade Girls enrolled in Girl Scouts)

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Galapagos is proud to partner with the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois to provide three different summer options for our current Girls Scouts in 2nd-8th grade.

Program 1- Horseback Riding Camp (5-8th graders)- Runs from June 12-15.

Program 2- Overnight Mini Camp (2-8th graders)- Runs from June 19-21.

Program 3- STEM Day Camp (2-8th graders)- Runs from July 22-26.

Programs 2 and 3 take place at Camp McCormick.  This is a wonderful place to get more acquainted with the outdoors and give girls a unique summer camp experience. Scholars will participate in an outdoor adventure full of learning, opportunities for challenge, friendship, and tons of fun. The camp community fosters experiences where every camper is welcomed, and together with other campers scholars can discover their ability to better solve problems and overcome challenges, develop leadership skills, build social bonds, become team players, increase their level of overall happiness and gratitude through social and environmental focused programming.

There will be transportation from the Lower Academy to the programs.

The total cost for each program is $50.  Once approved, payment is due by May 5, 2024.

Only scholars that have received notification of their acceptance may register for this program.