Costa Rican Coffee to Support GRCS Scholars

Costa Rican Coffee to Support GRCS Scholars

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This fair trade coffee is grown, roasted and processed in Costa Rica.   Each bag costs $14 and for every bag purchased $5.00 will support Project Passport Programs that send Galapagos scholars on cultural trips to Costa Rica, Uganda and Rwanda and our other summer programs.

Galapagos partner with Nahua Coffee sources aromatic and distinctively Costa Rican coffee from our most renowned growing regions. 100% Arabica beans, sourced from local coffee cooperatives, are carefully selected to make a perfectly roasted Costa Rican coffee.  Types of coffee available:

Chocolaty- single origin coffee offers a delicious flavor with a sweet, roasty aroma of chocolate. Roasted to perfection, the taste is like a rich cocoa, with an elegant aftertaste that hints of unsweetened chocolate or vanilla. Each bean is carefully grown and selected from the renowned San Isidro Central Valley of Heredia.]

Balanced- offers a sweet and roasty aroma of cacao, reminiscent of flower blossoms, with the distinguished full-bodied characteristics found in Costa Rican coffee. True to its name, Balance comes from a number of iconic Costa Rican regions: the Central Valley region (Poas), the West Valley region (Naranjo) and the Tres Rios region.

Aromatic- single origin coffee has a bouquet of perfectly balanced flavors. Fragrant aromas, reminiscent of spring flower blossoms, rise from the cup. The taste is smooth and delicate with a mild character. Our Aromatic blend is sourced from the Naranjo West Valley of Alajuela.

Coffee will be ready for pick up in the fall of 2022.